Tokyo: Tokyo Disneysea

Tokyo Disney Sea, unique to Asia and the entire Disney them park chain for its nautical theme, is now on its 15th year of operation. When we came there in May, the whole theme park was decorated for Easter with tons of Disney Easter eggs!

We’re coming for you, Disney!

(After leaving our excess bags into a public locker room).


The commercial shopping center that serves as a gate to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Disney’s Easter 2015.

All aboard the Disney train, complete with music from hit Disney movies as well as Mickeys everywhere.

Hold on tight to Mickey.

The entryway. Here’s the Tokyo Disney Sea Map.

It’s the obligatory photo with the fountain.

Found Minnie’s egg!

Is that Chip or Dale? haha



Entering into the American Waterfront…

…where the Tower of Terror is!

A must-ride hehe. 

Taking a photo before getting in.

You can actually hear screams from where I was standing.

We’re on the right side, second row.

When you come to Tokyo Disney Sea, do ride it.

Mediterranean Harbor.

The Venetian Gondolas.

Look at the details. It’s amazing how they’ve turned it into Italy.

Our gondolier.

He sang, told jokes, and evaded getting hit on the head by the canal.

Mysterious Island.

Mermaid Lagoon.

Triton’s Kingdom.

We made it in time for the “Under the Sea” musical show of Ariel and friends at the Mermaid Lagoon Theater.

The nighttime finale show on water.

In this photo, you can see the dragon from Sleeping Beauty engaging in a battle with Mickey on another raft.

Souvenir-hunting time!

Super love these phone cases, but it’s all for iPhone only (I’m a Samsung user). Bummer!

Find the hidden Mickey.

Standing here that night, the air was freezing.

I’ve never felt weather this cold before. My cheeks are turning red and we’re all huddling together!

Goodbye, Disney Sea, until the next time we come back!

We need to eat.

There’s a convenient store outside the train platform and we got ourselves onigiri.

Here’s mine.

It’s all in Japanese so I can’t tell what’s the filling. It tasted funny.

We look a bit haggard.

Dinner was at this place near our hotel.

You order and pay through a vending machine just like the ramen shop we visited in Ameyayokocho. Pretty neat.

And then the server comes out with your food!

So cute!

Gyudon with miso soup.

Chicken teriyaki.

Ueno is filled with restaurants.

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Photos from May 14, 2015.
Written in 2015.

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