Tokyo: Tokyo Skytree

From Sensoji Temple earlier that day, we could see the iconic Tokyo Skytree looming in the background. Plus, that’s my mom, dad, and bro in the pic below too.

Tokyo Skytree, along with Tokyo Tower, the red tower similar to France’s Eiffel, are the two most famous viewing decks in Tokyo, although there are dozens of other lesser known buildings scattered around which all offer a magnificent view of Tokyo city from above.

From the previous photo, it looks as if the tower is within walking distance, but it’s actually still quite far, requiring a train ride from Asakusa Station to Tokyo Skytree Station.

And there we are! Love how cutesy they made it look! The tower even has its own mascots and characters whose merchandise are sold in the store located at the first floor.

I have to admit. By the time we got there at around 4 to 5pm, our legs were hurting so badly! We decided to hangout on the one of the top most floors to get a better view of the city while sparing us some more walking.

Eventually, my dad took a look inside Sumida Aquarium, which is also located in the same building, while my mom, bro, and I stayed here to admire these:

Oops! My finger got in the way! 😮

It was much needed rest for our feet! We decided not to go up Tokyo Skytree anymore as we had a much better observation deck in mind.

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Tokyo 2015


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