What I’m Watching During Quarantine

During lunch break or whenever I’m in a queue, TV shows downloaded into my phone have always been my little escape. It helps me temporarily forget about the stress at work or the unpleasant situation I am in.

When the community quarantine came into effect, and life was forced to be within the four walls of the house, work never quite ceased and only intensified. Not only was work moved online, but there was unceasing housechores to do. TV shows took my free time, after all the chores or activities are done.

Here are the shows and movies I’ve been watching in the past month at home. I opted to go for ones that are not too heavy and tear-jerking as I don’t want to be any more stressed in this situation.


“I’ll be there for you.” The opening tune is quite telling of how it’ll be the show to watch whenever you’re stressed, confused, or just need a good laugh. During this quarantine period, I highly recommend this show. I only watch one episode a day, but it has always made me laugh and brighten my mood before going to bed. Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross just gets into your heart and you feel as if you’re friends with them too.


2. Extraordinary You

I started this drama in December or January. I used to watch it whenever I have free idle time so it takes me a few days to finish an episode. Although it has its quirks, it’s light and the love between the main characters are very heartwarming. I love how the show revolves around having control of your life and it inspires me to make even small changes to change my life. And even if you feel like you’re just an extra in life, you can be extraordinary too.

3. Jung Hae In’s Travel Log

Actor Jung Hae-In is the king of light and soft Korean dramas. I’ve always liked his characters in Something in the Rain, Tune in for Love, and most recently, One Spring Night. So, when he came out with his own reality travel show, I was ecstatic (especially when I saw the scene where the waitress asked his age after ordering beer. So cute!). In it, Jung Hae-In travels and organizes his trip to New York, accompanied by his two colleagues. It aired on KBS channel every Saturday and I got a little sad when it ended after the finale of visiting the Niagara Falls.

I mean, who isn’t gonna miss this cutie.


4. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This Netflix original showcases extraordinary homes around the world. Since we’re all staying at home, visiting different extraordinary houses makes me imagine myself being there during quarantine and realize my own home preferences. I don’t tune into this as much as the other titles though.


5. Titanic

This film was just beautiful. I loved the costumes, the actors, the story, and the ship itself. Rose and Jack were so lovely and happy together. The second half was horrifying as the ship began to sink. The scenes that struck me was when the captain and the designer stayed behind in the ship, resigning themselves to fate. What was more striking was that it was based on the real life sinking of Titanic in 1912. It was such a waste.


6. One Spring Night

Always treat a girl right. The story begins with a couple of five years who have been losing the spark. In comes Jung Hae-In (playing Ji-Ho) to sweep our female protagonist off her feet. The relationship is troubled by her boyfriend and their parents. All the while, she and her sisters go through life together. This story isn’t your typical love story, but I like it for how real it is. It isn’t sugarcoated and will hit you morally for what is right in relationships.


7. Kim Ji-Young, Born in 1982

Shown in Korean cinemas on February 14, 2020, the film was quick to break couples up as it touches a very important issue in marriage: support. Kim Ji-Young is a young mother and wife to Dae-Hyun (Gong Yoo). As she struggles with responsibilities, she develops depression and mental health issues. How should her husband react? The film delves into a good topic couples should discuss.

8. Flavorful Origins

This 15-minute show takes beautiful shots of local delicacies in China. I admire the cinematography and how the show takes into account the origins of these staple local dishes and how they are prepared.


9. The King: Eternal Monarch

The highly-anticipated new series from the writer of Goblin and Secret Garden, this series is set in a parallel universe with a Kingdom of Corea and the Republic of Korea. Lee Min Ho stars as the King in search for answers and justice for his father’s death, in the two Koreas. The series started well, but after the first episode, the pace and the casting of secondary characters wasn’t my taste. Still, I’m giving this a chance to redeem itself in the coming episodes.

Shoutout to my friends who watch these with me in their own homes. We then talk about it after. Makes you feel less lonely at a time of social distancing.

What are you watching at home?


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