An Update on My Personal Life

I haven’t been here for a while so I would just like to keep you guys updated about my life and why I haven’t been able to write here for so long. Since February 2019, my life was slowly, but surely getting busier and busier. I’m thankful to God for bringing me this far. Everything is from the Lord.

1. Work


Work has been good. It’s a Monday to Friday thing and early in the morning so it eats up some time. Sometimes, work is stressful, but sometimes, it feels fulfilling and I find it funny because I never thought I’d be here. God lead me to it. After work, the rest of my time is dedicated to my other commitments.

2. Graduate School


After I graduated from college, I thought, “Why not go into graduate school?” This proved to be a decision that shouldn’t be half-heartedly made. Now, it’s been taking up my weekday free time to study for night classes and Saturdays, but I believe God has a purpose for me in bringing me here and I’ve just got to enjoy the process. 

3. Church


To complete my entire week, I attend church on Sundays. I like serving in the church in whatever way I can (unless my schedule doesn’t permit it or I am spacing out too much from being tired) because I feel like God deserves that much from me. Although I have to admit, there were times that the Monday to Sunday schedule really burned me out. I always need to nap after church!

4. Relationships


My free time is dedicated to the people I love. Watching movies, eating, and hanging out. Time together is always well-spent and it recharges me for the coming days. Thank you!

5. Travel

This 2019, I travelled to the Northeast Asian countries, South Korea, China, and Japan (that’s in chronological order). In June, our long-awaited mother-and-daughter overseas bonding has finally come true! Our destination? The perfect girls haven: South Korea!!! Mom and I had too much fun. Here are some snaps from the trip (I’ll write a post about it later on):

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In November, I finally got the chance to enter mainland China, something that I’ve always wanted to do. For our annual family vacation, we went to Shanghai. It was a physical return to our motherland, but I also realized that while my culture and ethnicity comes from China, I was still very much a tourist there. 

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Lastly, in December, just two weeks after our Shanghai trip and still very much busy with the holiday rush, gifts to prepare, work to finish, exams to take, I was off to Kansai, Japan.

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6. Hobbies


I started creative journaling in 2018 and it’s been my go-to de-stressing activity. I’ve collected quite a stash of washi tapes, memo pads, stickers, and pens throughout the years. I try to create a spread at least once a week, but now I’m really behind (I’m just in January!). I mostly write about what happened and my thoughts about it. It’s my little creative space.

So that’s what I’ve been up to!

Please keep rooting for this girl who’s trying her best.

All from the Lord.


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