Christmas 2019

It’s the happiest time of the year! At least, for me. It’s all because of the festive mood set by the Christmas songs played and the decorations everywhere. Even my grandmother’s house was all made up for the holiday season.


Special mention to my high school art teacher for arranging the decorations. It was a grand and fitting way to celebrate Christmas 2019, which is a little more special than the previous years’. A few months back, with much sadness, it was decided to demolish the house.

It’s only been two or three years since grandmother died. Albeit some unpleasant memories with her, when grandma passed away, I couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out at her mausoleum when they were placing her casket in. I tried keeping it in for a few moments, but it was very painful to my chest. It felt like a part of me died. And now another part is dying with the demolition plans. Hence, for Christmas Eve 2019, it was a point for us to be extra sentimental and happy one last Christmas.


We had a simple celebration for the night surrounded with immediate and extended family members. After dinner, we played a very fun game together. There was so much laughter and light-hearted fun that it was soooo refreshing! As if there was a different air in the house. Best Christmas Eve ever.

Below are pictures of my immediate family.



Christmas day was spent at Manila Hotel with our relatives. It was bonding part two. I love the decorations at the lobby. It was very Filipino!



Afternoon snacks included halo-halo, palabok, and a tray of pastries for each table.




I was very happy to work the entire afternoon there. Near dinner time, the rain poured very hard and we had to leave to a nearer place for dinner.



Photos from cousin, Justin Parco. Thanks!

The weeks prior to Christmas was very hectic and physically challenging so I thank the Lord that I got to spend Christmas and New Year week entirely resting with the people who matter.

To a better and happier 2020! *raises glass*



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