A Le Petit Soufflé Afternoon

In one of the rare Sundays that my family headed out to SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, I finally got the chance to try out Le Petit Soufflé, which serves French cuisine with a Japanese touch.

Since I’m always on the search for good cafés to stay at, Mega Fashion Hall proved to be a good shopping mall to explore with numerous cafés to choose from. Le Petit Soufflé got my attention for its interior design, relaxed ambience, and promising menu. It’s located on the 2nd Floor, beside Pull & Bear retail store.

The café’s window is decorated with English, French, and Japanese descriptions of their dishes. Bon Appetit, says one.


It was late afternoon when I happened to notice the store and I was game for a solo snack and a drink. The other family members went to do their own thing at the mall, so I was left to enjoy a short, quality alone time. We would be having dinner together soon so I jumped on the opportunity to try it out.


I love the interior! It gives off the feel of a garden-dining experience and the plant decorations helps provide a sense of ease and privacy once inside. Meanwhile, the lighting provides a dreamy effect.

I would say that the best seats would be on the couch. If you sit on the right-end of the couch, you can have a glimpse of the passerby through the window, which are also slightly decorated, making it a bit difficult to look inside from the outside.


There’s also a bakery area near the entrance where their cakes are on display. You can order one and have it wrapped in a box. Or you can order a slice and enjoy it right there and then.



I’m pretty sure that matcha fans will surely love this place as it offers several matcha-flavored drinks, cake, and dessert.


Their specialty is on soufflé, which is a baked, egg-based dish that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It’s French in origin, but Chef Miko Paras managed to tweak it to our taste. Their bestseller is the Valrhona Guanaja (Php350) which is made of 70% Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Créme Anglaise.

BUT if you plan to try one, make sure you order one from the start because it takes around 25 minutes to prepare one. Unfortunately, since I was in a rush, and we were about to meet up for dinner soon, I had to forego a soufflé and order a faster dish.

Instead, I ordered Taro Latté with chia pudding and Frangipane cake. When they served it, I was quite surprised with the size of the Taro Latté. It was in a huge mug, which was definitely more than I regularly could consume. The drink itself tasted very good, but the chia seeds and pudding were also a nice addition to munch on and complemented the sweet taste of the Taro Latté.

On the right photo, the Frangipane cake was their latest addition to their roster of cakes. Since I was neither a matcha or carrot cake fan, I decided to go with Frangipane cake which holds almond and raspberry as its major component. The slice may be small, but the taste was exquisite and flavorful. Taking each bite with whipped cream tasted the best. I had to savor each bite.

The Frangipane cake is on the leftmost side of the photo.


Dining at Le Petit Soufflé, even if was only for a short amount of time, satisfied my café cravings and I am looking forward to coming back and getting a taste of their soufflé!

(On that day, I only moved forward to our dinner restaurant, the newly-opened Kam’s Roast).

For more references, here are more photos of their food, courtesy of Our Awesome Planet:

Their bestseller: Valrhona Guanaja (Php350)
Souffle 1
Strawberry and Lychee Parfait (Php195)
Souffle 2.jpg
Squid-Ink Rice (Php395)


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