Three Things I Love About My JAL Flight

The only thing that I’m not very keen about whenever we go abroad is the upcoming flight to and fro.

I’m very particular about my comfortability and entertainment to be able to spend hours in the sky awake (I’d rather not sleep because I can never find a good position while sitting up). As soon as the flight progresses to an hour, I’d be itching to get up and walk around. Since the flight from Manila to Tokyo was around four hours, I was a little worried as to how I could keep myself awake and comfy.

It was good that our airlines for this trip was Japan Airlines, the flag carrier of Japan, which goes by the tagline,”Experience comfort at its finest.” It’s been named as the Best Airline in Japan by Trip Advisor twice and the Best Economy Class Airline Seat by the Skytrax World Airline Awards. And I have to say that this was my best airline experience to date.


Our flight was scheduled for the afternoon of May 12 with an estimated arrival of around 7 to 8PM in Japan, which I think is perfect because we wouldn’t lose any sleep and we get to rest immediately at our hotel.

The rest of the flight went by very smoothly even when there was a storm coming with us from the Philippines to Japan.


The Danish Girl

I didn’t notice the four-hour flight duration that much because of the built-in screens at the back of each seat. It provided games, music, movies, and TV shows to select from which included American media as well as Japanese. For this trip, I decided to go on an Eddie Redmayne movie marathon of the Theory of Everything and the Danish Girl. He’s been my favorite Western actor ever since (Yup, I was a fan even before Fantastic Beasts).



The in-flight meal was excellent. Sometime during our flight, the flight attendants served us this food tray. It included vegetable side dishes, salad and dressing, a rice and viand bento for the main course, rice crackers for snacks, a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert (not in photo), a bottle of water, and free-flowing drinks of juice, tea, or coffee. I requested for Japanese tea and orange juice.



It was funny that a storm from the Philippines was also headed for Japan at the time of our flight, but despite warnings of turbulence, they managed to maintain a very smooth and steady flight. I’ve experienced extremely turbulent flights so I was impressed. The flight attendants were also very accommodating to any questions or requests, although they had difficulty understanding English.

Touchdown Narita International Airport!

I highly recommend flying with Japan Airlines.


Tokyo 2015

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