Fight for My Way Best Quotes for Every Millennial

Fight for My Way tells the story of four friends who struggle socially and financially but continue to fight for their way and make their dreams come true despite the harsh realities of life.

Fight for My Way 11

The show begins with the two main characters, Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) and Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon), who in their youth, aspire to become an anchor on TV and a national-level athlete, respectively. However, years later, she became an information desk clerk and he a pest control service employee. At the same time, their twenty-year friendship blossoms into something more than platonic.

Meanwhile, the supporting characters, Baek Seol-Hee (Song Ha Yoon) and Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) have been dating for six years and wish to get married soon, but are hindered by financial, social, and family problems.

Fight for My Way 14

I’ve just finished watching the sixteen-episode series in two weeks and what can I say?

The four main characters are completely down-to-earth and relatable especially towards millennials who are also facing the same dilemma of how to reach their dreams, be secured in life, and just be happy. You will surely get hit hard as the characters fight for their way, dying a little bit throughout the hardships, but eventually beating the odds, as you probably will too, someday.

As such, I’ve compiled their best quotes to comfort every millennial:

  1. I’m fine with my life. Why do you look down on me? (Episode 2: Whatever They Say, We’ll Go Our Way, Choi Ae Ra)

    Fight for My Way 17

  2. Regardless of what people say, you’ll make it. (Episode 2: Whatever They Say, We’ll Go Our Way, Choi Ae Ra)

    Fight for My Way

  3. I guess people really need to do what they love. (Episode 3: Don’t Touch, Choi Ae Ra)

    Fight for My Way 24

  4. Instead of money, you should think about your dreams and heart. And give your best shot at life. (Episode 3: Don’t Touch, Coach Hwang Jang Ho)

    Fight for My Way 18

  5. It isn’t cool to act tough when you want to cry. It’s cool to cry when you want to. (Episode 3: Don’t Touch, Ko Dong-Man)

    Fight for My Way 1

  6. Don’t [give me advice]. I’m not going to pass the interview anyway, right? So please don’t hurt me. I have the right to not get  my feelings hurt. I’ll be the one that decides my limits and capabilities. (Episode 8: She Was Pretty, Choi Ae Ra)

    Fight For My Way 6

  7. Even though we woke up earlier than others, even though we went to bed later than others, we never had time. We lived harder than anyone, but our resumés that doesn’t show anything pretends to reflect who I am. I’m angry, I’m frustrated. (Episode 8: She Was Pretty, Choi Ae Ra)

    Fight for My Way 2

  8. Stop being so timid. Have a backbone. (Episode 10: Are We Seeing Each Other or What, Baek Seol-Hee’s Mom)

    Fight for My Way 20

  9. If it’s all or nothing, let’s make it all. (Episode 11: Girly Girl, Ko Dong-Man)

    Fight for My Way 19

  10. If growing up means giving up on your dreams, then I’ll give up on growing up. (Episode 12: If Dreams Disappear as You Mature, then I’ll…, Ko Dong-Man)

    Fight for My Way 22

  11. You’re the queen of your life. (Episode 13: Nam Il Lives in Namil Villa, Baek Seol-Hee’s Mom)

    Fight for My Way 21

  12. Even if we can’t win, let’s play anyway. Living our way is winning. Who cares what others say? (Episode 15: Never Ending My Way, Ko Dong Man)

    Fight For My Way 23

  13. Where I am is the major league. (Episode 15: Never Ending My Way, Choi Ae Ra)

    Fight for My Way 10

Although it’s a romantic-comedy, be warned that it’s a complete tear-jerker at times because of how real the characters and the storyline are given the high unemployment rate and competitive working environment that prevents many from having a stable and permanent job. It’s commendable for a Korean drama to give up the glamorous vibe for a much down-to-earth and true-to-life story that many can relate to.

For millennials, watch it to feel like you’re not alone in figuring out your life or to simply be inspired to fight for your way by the characters’ undying passion and hard work towards their dreams.

All photos in this post belongs to KBS 2 Channel.

Fight for My Way has enjoyed high ratings in its original broadcast in South Korea and has been named as Drama of the Year in 2017. It also enjoys high popularity internationally.


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