Nature’s Time to Bloom

I bought two canvases and a ton of art supplies two years ago and I only got to use them now during the community quarantine. This piece was inspired by our situation, limited to our houses. 

Nature’s Time to Bloom, 9×12, acrylic on canvas. 

It took me an approximate of ten hours in the span of four days (I only paint at a maximum of three and a half hours per day as my free time activity). Below is the process. I was quite nervous before I started because I didn’t want to waste paint and a perfectly neat canvas. I prayed to God to help me!

There is an odd detail in the vase. Do you see it?

There’s a girl inside the vase. I was making this as I sat at home, after more than a month of strictly being indoors. The thought was, humans have always tried bending nature to our will like placing flowers in a glass vase (small scale) or cutting down forests due to industrialisation (big scale), but who’s trapped now? We’re trapped at home and nature is blooming without us.


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